Deadlines & FAQs

Online letters of inquiry are reviewed each February 1st and August 1st. Please submit your letter of inquiry well before these deadlines. The letter of inquiry will not be reviewed prior to the deadline. If it is submitted after the deadline, it will be considered in the next funding cycle.

Foundation staff will review letters of inquiry and notify prospective applicants of the results. Those encouraged to submit proposals will receive further guidance at that time. Invited online grant proposals will be due April 1st and October 1st. We accept online letters of inquiry only.

Submit your online letter of inquiry here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If our grant is approved, how soon can we expect funding? If your grant is approved, you will receive funding within 2-4 weeks after approval by the Board of Directors of the Foundation.
  • If my grant is funded, may I reapply for another one? Prior grant recipients may reapply through the Letter of Inquiry process. Please be aware that prior funding does not guarantee future grant approval.
  • If my grant is denied, may we submit another grant at a future date? We will inform you in the denial letter whether or not we would like you to resubmit a Letter of Inquiry for future grant consideration.
  • May an individual apply for a grant? The foundation does not give grants to individuals. Please refer to eligibility criteria.